Training Tips


Being prepared for the weather and your activity with the right gear can make your outdoor workout pleasant and comfortable.


As a runner, your diet is important not only for maintaining good health, but also to promote peak performance. Proper nutrition and hydration can make or break a workout or race, and also greatly affects how runners feel, work and think.



Avoiding injury should be as important as proper gear and nutrition.  Try these tips to get yourself to the start line of your race…injury free!

    Massage has so many benefits for your body:
        Provides faster recovery from micro damage and trauma from workouts
        Increases flexibility and range of motion
        Relieves fatigue and rejuvenates sore muscles
        Reduces the strain of repetitive motion
        Reduces the healing time of injuries    


To become stronger, fitter, more toned and a better runner try adding one or more of these activities to your weekly regimen.