Partnering Charities

TCMA is a natural partner with The Children's Fund because of the interest
in nurturing a passion in the hopes of creating a healthy lifestyle and
strong supportive community. 

There are over 700,000 abused and neglected children in the United
States.  As a country, we lose over 1,500 of these children to death each
year.  Over 92% enter the foster care system.  They are nine times more
likely to enter the juvenile justice system. 

In Washington we are facing a crisis, as a growing number of
children enter foster care each year.  Pierce County alone has over 1,500
children currently residing in foster care.  These children are a part
of our communities, our schools and our neighborhoods. 

The Children's Fund provides scholarships for abused and neglected children
to participate in cultural, educational and social experiences.  These
experiences include races, football camp, equine therapy, and dance classes.
It is important to support these activities for these children for a number
of reasons.  These children are inherently good, and have no responsibility
for their parent's actions, and deserve a fair shot at being a kid.  It is
important to support the natural talent of kids experiencing adverse
childhood experiences so they can develop skills, build confidence and
create positive social networks. 

TCMA would like to see Pierce County be a place where children thrive in
supportive environments.  This partnership with The Children's Fund is a
perfect example of how to foster this goal. 

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Fish Food Bank

This year we will be doing a PROTEIN drive in collaboration with FISH Food Banks of Pierce County!  We all know how important a good diet high in protein is.  FISH Food Banks serve more than 556,000 people in Pierce County.  40% are children, under the age of 18.  Please bring one of the following items with you to packet pick up or race day.

Here is a list of the FISH Food Bank food needs: